SKIN CARE 1 (Mask)


SKIN CARE 2 (Eye Pads)

Self Heating Green Tea Mask (3 & 6 Capsules)


Cool Cucumber Eye 8 Pads

Self Heating Volcano Mask (3/6 Capsules)


Cool Cucumber Eye 10 Pads

Self Heating Green Tea Mask & Cucumber eye pads


Cool Kiwi Eye 10 Pads

Self Heating Green Tea Mask & Orange eye pads


Cool Orange Eye 10 Pads

Self Heating Green Tea Mask & Kiwi eye pads


Green Tea Eye 10 Pads

Fruit Yoghurt Mask(3 & 6 Capsules)


AQUA Drop Eye 10 Pads --New

Cucumber Yoghurt Mask with Eye Pads


Cool Cucumber Eye 24 Pads Jar

Orange Yoghurt Mask with Eye Pads


Cool Orange Eye 24 Pads Jar

Kiwi Yoghurt Mask with Eye Pads


Cool Kiwi Eye 24 Pads Jar

Self Heating Green Tea Mask with Green Tea Eye Pads


 Anti-wrinkle Cucumber Under Eye Patches

Green Tea/Grape/Coffee Peel-Off Mask --New


 Anti-wrinkle Orange Under Eye Patches

White Science Mud Mask --New


 Anti-wrinkle Green Tea Under Eye Patches

Flower Mask --New





SKIN CARE 3 (Various Skin Care)


SKIN CARE 4 (Eye Serum)

Anti-Wrinkle Under Eye Gel Patches


Anti-Wrinkle Under Eye Serum (Day & Night)

Anti-Wrinkle Forehead Gel Patches


Whitening Face Serum (Day & Night)

Anti-Wrinkle Upper Lip Gel Patches


Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening Serum

 Anti-Wrinkle Neck Gel Patches


Night Repair Anti-Wrinkle Complex Serum

Age Defying Eye Gel Mask



Blemish Reducer Gel Patches


SKIN CARE 5 (Remover Pads)

Blemish Blitz


Eye Make up Remover 15 Pads

Hydro-Gel Cucumber Facial Mask


Lipstick Eye Make up Remover 30 Pads

Hydro-Gel Orange Facial Mask


Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Pads

Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strip


Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover 20 Pads Jar

Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Cream --New


Make-up Remover Wipes --New

Deep Cleansing Chin & Forehead Pore Strip



Deep Cleansing Chin & Forehead Pore Cream --New


SKIN CARE 6 (Sun Care)

Deep Cleansing Nose Charcoal Strip --New


Cooling & Cleansing Wipe for HAJ --New

Deep Cleansing Chin & Forehead Charcoal Strip --New


Anti-Wrinkle Cucumber Mask


SKIN CARE 7 (Body Care)

Anti-Stress Cucumber Mask


Anti-Cellulite Cream --New

After-Sun Cucumber Mask


Anti-Cellulite Body & Breast Cream --New

Purifying Cucumber Mask


SKIN CARE 8 (Children's Care)

Anti-Wrinkle Orange Mask


Kiddie Kool

Whitening Orange Mask



Anti-Wrinkle Green Tea Mask


SKIN CARE 10 (Special for Drug Store)

Energizing Marine Mask for Men


EGF Derma-Core for Scars Diminish

After shave Green Tea Mask for Men


KAMA-X Cream (10/5/4 capsules)

Nourishing TOMATO Mask



Moisturising AQUA Drop Mask --New


SKIN CARE 12 (Foot Care)

Triple Mixing Anti-wrinkle Mask --New


 Foot Detox Patches --New

Triple Mixing Whitening Mask --New


Foot Cracked Heel Cream --New




SKIN CARE 9 (Household)


SKIN CARE 13 (Hair Care)

Shave Razor with Shaving Gel --New


Hair Coloring Mascara

Shaving Gel (6 capsules) --New


Hair Removal Patches(Wax Strip) --New




SKIN CARE 11 (Others)


SKIN CARE 14 (Lip Care)

Walking On Air (Non Slip Gel Cushion)


Lip Volumiser Enhancing Gloss

Oil Blotting Tissue --New



Mosquitoes Insects Dipersing Patches --New


MAKE-UP 15 (Face)

Cooling Patches for itching stung by mosquitoes --New


Tinted Blemish Balm ( B B Cream ) --New


Tea Tree Blemish Cover Stick --New



Whitening Dark Circle Cover Stick --New